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You might have perfectly aligned teeth and the healthiest smile possible, and yet you still might feel self-conscious about it, even hide it, because of discoloration or staining. There are so many reasons that our teeth can become discolored, and this is why patients of Kurz Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Dacula, GA can count on our cosmetic dentistry solutions for high quality teeth whitening solutions.

Why Teeth Discolor

Though some of the main reasons behind tooth staining are within our control, there are causes that are not. Consider that you might require teeth whitening because of: 
• Staining from years of tobacco use 
• Staining due to drinking staining fluids such as coffee, tea, wine and more 
• Discoloration due to age 
• Staining from medications 
• Uneven coloring from fluorosis 
• Discoloration from illness 
• Staining due to poor dental hygiene

Most of these issues can actually be addressed through the different teeth whitening available in our dental office. When you meet with our cosmetic dentist, you can discuss your wishes and goals, and together determine the right treatments for your needs. We make in office and take home treatments available, and all of them promise to lighten your teeth by many shades when used properly.

Glo Whitening

Currently, one of the solutions we make available is the Glo Whitening System. It provides dual whitening through the use of a special heat and light equipped mouthpiece. It is a closed system that prevents any oxygen from escaping the mouth during the process. It is save on restorations like crowns , bonding, veneers and caps, and it has been known to generate up to five shades of whiteness and all without the pain or sensitivity of many other approaches. This unique technology offers provides our patients with remarkably effective teeth whitening in half the time of standard treatments and without the uncomfortable or awkward trays that can make it such a challenge. Instead our skilled cosmetic dentistry team applies the special gels and uses the special mouthpiece to ensure total coverage. With the unique light curing device, your treatment is completed in a matter of minutes, and your teeth can be multiple shades brighter.

There is also a take home option that includes a smaller version of the in office device. This too is fitted with the dual technology mouthpiece, and the patient can apply the professional grade gel to their teeth and continue whitening for months after the initial treatment. This system includes special lip care products and a high-tech controller to get optimal whitening.

Safe and remarkably effective, any of the teeth whitening treatments available in our office are sure to help you fall in love with your smile. You should never hide a healthy grin because of staining or discoloration, and if whitening is not an option, we can also offer you cosmetic treatments that include veneers and Lumineers, crowns and more.

Brighten Your Smile with Teeth Whitening Treatments

Now that you know a bit more about teeth whitening, it is time to talk with a cosmetic dentist in Dacula about the treatment. Get in touch with our dentist office today by calling (770) 904-6088.

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