General Dentistry FAQs


People often wonder just what is meant by “general dentistry.” These FAQs will help you to understand.

How Is General Dentistry Defined?

General dentistry is nothing more nor less than the procedures that everyone needs to maintain good oral health. It involves regular checkups and cleanings, and routine procedures like fillings. Extractions are also considered to be a part of general dentistry.

What Should I Do Before I See the Dentist?

Your dentist wants you to come to him or her with a healthy mouth. So what that means is that you have to brush and floss. This is your first line of defense against decay and gum disease.

Will your dentist refuse to see you if you have not been taking care of your teeth and gums? Of course not. But you can bet that you will need fewer visits to your dentist if you do adopt a regime of good oral care.

Should I Have My Metal Fillings Replaced?

Not necessarily. If they have served you well and they are not cracked or otherwise deteriorating, metal fillings (especially those in the back of the mouth that take a lot of biting pressure) can remain in place. Some will tell you that the mercury in metal fillings is dangerous, and that could be true, but if you look at it from a realistic perspective, if you are into middle age and your metal fillings have not killed you yet, chances are that you are safe. Your dentist can, however, replace metal fillings in areas of your mouth that are visible, thereby improving your appearance.

Do I Really Need to See My Dentist Twice a Year?

If you want to maintain good oral health, then you definitely should. Even if you have no cavities, you could still be vulnerable to gum disease or oral cancer, so it just makes sense to get checked out regularly.

Do I Really Have to Floss?

Well, no. No one is going to make you do it. But if you want to avoid tooth decay, you should. Food particles can get trapped in between your teeth and under your gums, and even the most vigorous brushing may not dislodge them.

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