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Did you know that the loss of even a single adult tooth can begin a chain reaction of truly unwanted events within the mouth, gums and jaw? Just consider, the loss of a tooth allows the teeth to loosen and shift out of place. This causes misalignment in the bite, uneven wear and issues like bruxism or TMJ. It can also cause the loss of bone and gum tissue over time. Fortunately, patients of Kurz Family Dentistry in Dacula, GA can count on our dental office for restorative dentistry of many kinds – including dental implants .

What are Dental Implants?

As the name implies, dental implants are set into the gum and jaw (implanted) and replace a missing tooth. They are available as single tooth implants, but there are other ways that they can be used. For example, you can have multi-tooth treatments and even use them to hold dentures. All implants are designed to replace missing teeth, whether they are lost to accident, decay and disease or aging.

Implants are typically made of three pieces – the post implanted into the jaw and gum, the abutment at the top of the post and a dental crown that replaces the uppermost part of the lost tooth. There are also single piece implants that install everything at once. All implants must heal and bond with the surrounding tissue, but as the process enjoys a nearly 100% success rate, it can be a perfect solution for almost anyone.

Those without adequate bone tissue may still have implants through the use of mini implants or by undergoing pre-implant treatments to increase jaw density. Mini implants are sized smaller than traditional implants and require much less bone tissue to be placed effectively and successfully.

We can also offer patients dental implants as a way of restoring the use of an upper or lower arch that has lost all or most of the teeth. All on 4 implants, implant supported dentures, and implant dentures count on several implants to hold the denture appliances firmly in place, enabling them to be used as ideal alternatives to natural teeth. Find out if you are a candidate for any of these options during a consultation with our dentist.

Why Not Dentures?

One major point to address when speaking with our restorative dentist about implants is why they are a better option than dentures. While this is a complex issue that actually depends entirely on the patient’s needs, we can say that dental implants are better over the long term because they replace the entire missing tooth. With this replacement in the jaw and gum, you suffer no recession and you can continue to eat, speak and even look like before the loss of the tooth.

Dentures can enable you to do all of the same things, but they cannot halt the loss of bone and gum tissue. Over time, this can cause you to take on a more aged appearance and require refitting of dentures over time. Implants halt any recession and function like natural teeth for years afterward.

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